Your Priority Woman

My name is Kirstin Chock and I am the CEO of I am from Honolulu, Hawai’i but I reside in Illinois for completion of my Master’s Degree.

I am a former NCAA Division I athlete for a nationally ranked Top 25 program which demonstrates my background in fitness and nutrition.  Also, I have a physical therapy background which shows my qualifications with health and wellness.  As a former model with one of the largest agencies in the U.S. and in the world, I have extensive knowledge in the beauty and fashion field.


We live in a very unhealthy world.  Our environment is suffering, the system is suffering, and everything ties back to our people, whom are suffering.

I believe that change is vital.  However, the first thing that needs to change are our people.  My goal is to create a healthier world by educating people and providing as many people with the resources and information necessary to make this vision a reality.  It can be done, but it starts from within.  It starts with more people being physically healthy and mentally healthy, because we need to be stable in order to make our world stable.

There’s a common saying that, “You are what you eat.”  While this is very true, my twist on this common saying is, “You are how you treat the world.”  Look at the world from the perspectives of health, environment, and government.  People do not treat their bodies well.  People have destroyed the Earth through pollution which has lead to global warming.  And, the people have created a government structure that has limitations for equal access of resources.

See how we, the people, are at the core of all humanity’s problems?

Help me to bring forth a positive change by hiring me to share this vision and create a healthier, lasting, thriving world.